Natural light—referred to as daylighting by designers—is a fundamental element of architecture. In a well-designed space, natural light highlights the quality of space in a home, provides visual comfort and reduces energy consumption.

Natural Lighting Transforms Space in a Home
Sausalito Residence

419 Fulton Street

Studies have shown that natural light stimulates our bodies to produce Vitamin D. Light from the sun helps to prevent depression and the changing quality of the sun’s light throughout the day regulates our circadian rhythms to help us be more productive and sleep better.

Stinson Beach Residence

3905 Clay Street

Natural light is approached differently based on the climate the home is in. Direct light from windows facing the sun’s path are ideal in cold climates, warming up spaces for free and virtually eliminating the need for using the light switch during the day. In warmer regions, north-facing windows, deep overhangs, awnings and surrounding trees let in the light without the heat of the sun.

Pebble Beach Residence

2 Box House

Pfau-Starr Residence

Wine Country Retreat

The way a house is illuminated can transform an environment. Well-positioned windows and skylights set the mood for the active rooms where families spend much of their time, bright breakfast rooms that energize the family before school and work, and for a cozy nook that is ripe for reading any time of the day.

Tiburon Residence

Activist House

Outside-in House

Larkspur Residence

These have been some of our favorite spaces that we’ve created with the help of the sun. Which of these naturally lit spaces are most inviting to you?