Art Foundation
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Art Foundation

May 17, 2014
This structure, located on typical a 25 by 100-foot urban lot, was conceived as a simple and basic living space in unity with the surrounding Japanese inspired garden landscape. A transparency between interior and exterior space is created both at the front and back thresholds, separated only by movable wood and glass doors and large floor to ceiling windows. The structure has an earthen pallet of expressive wood structural assemblies and colored concrete masonry bearing walls that further extend the ambiguity of interior and exterior spaces. The main volume provides all living, eating, bathing and sleeping needs in conjunction with the office and interactive functions of a non-profit arts foundation. Practical programmatic elements and services are gathered to one side and stretched out along the length of the building, allowing the remaining primary volume to be used as a flexible and changeable space.

Location / Year

San Francisco, CA / 1997


Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP


Jay Serao

Square footage

1,700 GSF

Project Manager

Jay Serao

Team Members

Casper Mork-Ulnes
Mellisa Szpik-Serrao
Chris Tymoff

Photographic Credits

Matthew Millman

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