2 Box House
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2 Box House

May 17, 2014
Perched on the face of a cliff in the Forest Hill Heights neighborhood, this contemporary house for a retired couple consists of  two, rectangular boxes unified by a transparent, bridging element.  The cliff-top, cul-de-sac site is surrounded by houses with traditional mansard roofs, making this home a counter point to the neighborhood.  The modern lines of the differentiated volumes of the house, one a cedar wood box and the other a cement board box, serve to define the public and the private portions of the house.

The approach to the building is marked by a tall light scoop over the painting studio that reaches up to capture the northern light, ideal for the art studio. The private wood box has windows oriented to the morning eastern light, while the public cement board box has windows oriented to the evening western light. The transparent, primarily glass bridge that links the two boxes, contains an art gallery, entry way, dining room, and an exercise room all of which are open to a spectacular view.

Location / Year

San Francisco, CA, 2001

Square Footage

5,600 GSF


Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP

Project Managers

De Witt Brock
Melissa Szpik-Serrao
Jay Serrao
Brooks Dunn

Team Memebers

Micheal Young
Kristen Wogen
Sherin Yuan
Jorn Johannsen

Photographic Credits

Cesar Rubio

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