UCLA Cogen Central Chiller
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UCLA Cogen Central Chiller

November 25, 2014
This massive building—which houses UCLA’s entire Facilities Management Operation; offices, craft shops, fleet services, materials handling, warehousing and the cogeneration complex, celebrates its plant machinery in contrast to a typically mute industrial box by displaying the inherently engaging qualities of chiller technology as a considered part of the architectural composition.

Location / year

UCLA Los Angeles, CA / 1994

Project Type

Industrial Space

Principals in Charge

Paul Holt
Marc Hinshaw
Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP
Wes Jones


Holt Hinshaw Pfau Jones
Scott Laidlaw


Wes Jones

Project Managers

Dwight Ashdown
Robert Yue

Square Footage

8 acres

Photographic Credits

Tom Bonner

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