McGuire Adaptive Re-Use
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McGuire Adaptive Re-Use

June 20, 2018

1201 Bryant Street is a fully renovated concrete factory building at the intersection of San Francisco’s SOMA, Mission, and Potrero Hill neighborhoods. The original building was built in two phases: anArt Deco style concrete structure with basement and occupied roof structure, built in 1927, and a three-story plus basement industrial steel addition built in 1987. The building sits on a 1.82 acre site including site parking spaces.

The five main elements of renovation work on this project include a new exterior entrance garden and canopy, a new entrance lobby and interior garden feature, new service core, refurbishment to the building envelope, and MEP and voluntary seismic upgrades. The new exterior entrance garden begins at the sidewalk adjacent to the old entrance and is marked with a sweeping canopy overhead which draws your eye into the garden and up a set of stairs or sloped pathway into the new main entrance to the building. The canopy continues inside of the building and transitions down the rear wall of the lobby to create a feature wall and focal point. Beyond the main stair in the lobby is a new hanging garden feature, connecting the exterior garden inside and opento the lower level below.

The new service core includes new restrooms, shower rooms, bike storage and MEP building service rooms with all new fixtures and finishes. The exterior of the building will also receive a facelift, refurbishing all historic steel windows, replacing coiling service doors with glass-lite garage doors, and new paint.

1201 Bryant Street is located in a SALI zoning district of San Francisco, permitting Service, Arts, and Light Industrial uses. The building is slated to be fully occupied by a tech company’s research and development facility


San Francisco, 2017

Project Type

Renovation/Adaptive Re-Use

Project Team

Dwight Long, Principal in Charge
Mallory Shure, Project Manager
Lauren Harrison, Designer

Team Members

SKS Partners, Owner
Murphy Burr Curry, Structural
Interface Engineering, MEP
Surface, Landscape Architect
Decker, Electrical Engineering
Luk and Assocites, Civil
Public, Signage and Graphics

Square Footage



LEED Gold Anticipated

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