GSA Burton Federal Building & Courthouse
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GSA Burton Federal Building & Courthouse

November 21, 2014
This project, under the General Services Administration’s (GSA) First Impressions Program, involves the remodeling of the building lobby and exterior street entrance of the Phillip Burton Federal Office Building and Courthouse. The overarching goal of the project is to create positive and user friendly public spaces while adhering to strict security standards.

The building lobby’s security screening station is completely redesigned, with a distinct separation between the pre-screened and secure areas.  The new screening station will have a simple and clean form, reducing the visual clutter in the space while at the same time streamlining security procedures for facility visitors and entrance protocols for employees. The redesigned  interior signage will be clear and consistent with a streamlined, building information  system of new LCD displays.

The exterior renovation includes the replacement of the existing storefront entrances with new storefronts to complement the existing decorative metal screens. New paving and landscape will highlight the entrances and the structural bays.

Location / year

San Francisco, CA / 2011

Project Type

Government Building
Office Building
Tenant Improvements

Principals in Charge

Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP

Team Members

Anthony Diaz
Natalie Kittner, LEED AP
Melanie Turner
Adam Phillips
Sean Bailey

Project Manager

Michael Jak, LEED AP

Project Scope

Renovation or Expansion

Square Footage

7,000 GSF

Photographic Credits

Pfau Long Architecture

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