Green Glen
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Green Glen

November 21, 2014
The Green Glen complex in San Francisco has a history of varied use, from offices for the Green Glen Dairy, a Linen Service, and a Coffee Roastery. Through an extensive seismic upgrade/renovation to the existing Green Glen Linen Service and the addition of a new modern core, this conversion is designed to enhance a group of buildings with a subtle exterior appearance yet distinct internal relationship. The new complex will bring together an assembly of unrelated buildings and open space into a small urban office complex. The existing buildings, one converted to commercial office space and one for use as a restaurant, both focus inward towards the site, figuratively joined by a newly created landscaped courtyard space. This internal connection is extended by the creation of a series of new elements which lead from the courtyard space up a pedestrian ramp, open glazed core stair, catwalk walkway and into the main building space which is topped by an exposed grand steel truss structure.

Location / year

San Francisco, CA / 1999


Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP

Project Scope


Principals in Charge

Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP

Square Footage

30,000 GSF

Project Manager

Mallory Shure


Dewitt Brock
Kit Gibbs
Dwight Long
Casper Mork-Ulnes
Kristen Wogen
Michael Young

Photographic Credits

Views 1-4 – J.D. Peterson
View 5 – Process 39
View 6 – Pfau Long Architecture (Mallory Shure)

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