350 Rhode Island
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350 Rhode Island

November 21, 2014
This new ground-up office and retail project establishes a new urban edge at the base of the Potrero Hill neighborhood on the site of a former industrial recycling facility.  The project comprises two, four-story office buildings over two levels of below-grade parking.  The two “L” shaped volumes are separated by a courtyard, allowing a thru-block pedestrian connection to adjacent streets and providing a park-like amenity to the neighborhood.

Alternating frames of patterned sunshades and precast panels reduce the scale of the project and connect the block to the surrounding urban fabric.  Tactile materials such as steel, wood, and glass are used to enhance the overall experience of the space.  Spanning the two volumes is a sloping, trussed bridge that links the buildings together and provides a social gathering space.

Location / year

San Francisco, CA / 2002


Pfau Long Architecture
Chong Partners (Stantec)


Kang Kiang

Square Footage

450,000 GSF

Project Scope


Principals in Charge

Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP
Sam Nunes

Team Members

Peter Cornell
Chris Schabacker
Susan Tam

Project Managers

David Yama
Michael Wilson

Photographic Credits

Tim Griffith

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