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Buildings O&M

August 10, 2015

O&M transforms a difficult site, and in so doing, transforms a neighborhood.

The site is a 75-foot sliver alongside the I-280 Freeway at the western edge of San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Previously, Indiana Street was just a din of traffic noise and blank warehouses. Project O&M transforms the block with two unique mixed-use residential buildings, a destination café, and a series of new courtyards, gardens and stoops woven into the urban fabric. The entire project consists of 116 new apartments including 16 on-site BMR units. Set kitty-corner from Esprit Park, the project also created Dogpatch Arts Plaza at the stub-end of 19th Street. Each of the two buildings is designed by a separate architect to bring urbane richness to this rapidly developing neighbourhood.

At the corner is the “O” Building, a 55-unit mixed-use courtyard structure lifted above the new café, with pale green metal cladding and glass bays that place inhabitants over the street. The café, clad almost entirely in glass, reveals views from the courtyard to the plaza and park. The 61-unit “M” Building complements the “O” as it extends down Indiana to 18th Street with vertical bars of glass and Corten steel, rolling wave-form roofs, and a crisp white tower element that signals its main lobby. Both buildings have roof top lounges with downtown views and are each set upon a common below-grade parking garage for 76 cars.

Developed in close collaboration with the neighborhood groups, the project design breaks down the larger urban scale of the project with two distinctly different buildings designed by two different architects (Pfau Long Architects and Kennerly Architecture & Planning). This variation in architectural expressions employs complimentary but different materials, as well as varied streetscape experiences, to create a more human scale for the project in the neighborhood. Dwellings are a mix of flats and town-homes, with studios and one-bedroom units complemented by family-friendly two- and three-bedroom apartments.

Location / Year

San Francisco, CA / 2018

Project Type

Multi-Family Housing


Peter Pfau, Principal in Charge, Building O
Ariane Fehrenkamp, Project Manager, Building O
Owen Kennerly, Principal in Charge, Building M, Kennerly Architecture & Planning
Sarina Kennerly, principal in Charge, Building M, Kennerly Architecture & Planning.


Build Inc., Owner
Ingraham DeJesse Associates, Structural
Fard Engineers, MEP
CMG, Landscape Architecture
Sherwood Design Engineer, Civil
Architectural Lighting Design, Lighting
Atkins, Environmental


Urban Design, Multi-Family Housing, Retail


51,837 gsf (Building O)
48,000 gsf (Building M)


Greenpoint Rated Gold V6


Bruce Damonte

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