419 Fulton Street
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419 Fulton Street

November 20, 2014
Located in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, this seven-unit loft and townhouse project takes advantage of the neighborhood context to dictate the form of the building.  Rather than using a standard central light well or rear yard setback for the building’s light and air requirements, a unique side yard court was created adjacent to the existing neighboring gardens.  This open court complements the existing mid-block open space and allows the rear units to have private outdoor terraces and a landscaped common court.

In addition, the building’s exterior employs a variety of materials and colors in order to express the massing of the building and improve the visual scale to better fit the surrounding context.

Location / Year

San Francisco, CA / 2000

Principals in Charge

Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP


De Witt Brock
Brooks Dunn
Mallory Shure
Keri Spiller
Michael Young

Project Scope


Project Managers

Casper Mork-Ulnes

Photographic Credits

Cesar Rubio

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