Mexico City is truly a metropolis of diversity and scale.

Green walkways readily accommodate millions of people, connecting all major civic infrastructure and points of interest. Each foci is surrounded by enormous promenades and freeways that feel like densely flowing rivers. And for each piece of infrastructure made for its 8.8 million inhabitants there is tiny jewel to be discovered as well. The city is filled with bountiful outdoor markets juxtaposed with contemporary couture.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Mexico City is its cultural diversity. My last day there I was astounded to stumble upon the local Chinatown and how much it really did feel like a side street in Xian. The food scene supported restaurants of every cuisine, and at Bazar Coyoacan I could easily find ingredients for making Vietnamese, Italian or Persian cuisine.

Altar a la Patri

Antojitos Dany - Zucchini blossom quesadillas

Architecture bookstore at apartment 25 in Roma

Bazar Coyoacan

Chinatown CDMX

Entry to Jardin de la Bonbilla

Farmer's market in Central Roma

Hipodromo - Amsterdam traffic circle at Parque Mexico

Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

Museo Dolores Olmedo - early patroness of Diego y Frida

Museo Tamayo - Entry

Museo Tamayo - Main Exhibit

Museo Tamayo

Overlooking Cuauhtémoc

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Paseo de la Reforma

Polanco - Av Chapultepec

Polanco - Av Juventud Heroica

Soumaya - Glass Roof + Scultpure Exhibit

Street Art

Teatro Telcel

Tortilla factory and mural in Roma

Walking through la Condesa

Xochimilco Canal

Xochimilco Dock

Zocalo - Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Mexico