Meagan Dickemann, LEED Green Associate

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

The people. We are a creative and dedicated group with a shared passion for design. Everyday brings something new, whether it’s a show & tell of a cladding system we designed, a Living Building Challenge brainstorm, or a piñata happy hour. It’s a fun, collaborative group.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

Rather than have a favorite restaurant, I prefer to keep exploring and try not to eat at the same place more than once. San Francisco offers more dining options than any city I’ve even lived in and it’s great!

How do you define great architecture?

Experiential and timeless.  Great architecture is universal in the sense that you don’t need a design degree to appreciate it. Knowing the who, when, why, or how of a building can add to the experience but it shouldn’t be necessary. As a history nerd, I often seek out the background of the places and buildings I visit.

Why did you choose to live where you do?

I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in a variety of distinct cities including St. Louis, Chicago, Portland, OR, Shanghai, Florence, and now San Francisco. I initially moved here for a job but soon found many reasons to want to stay.  I love the temperate weather here, the regions amazing variations in landscape, and the city’s constant activity.  I live near the geographic middle of San Francisco, and love that I can bike anywhere in 30 minutes!  I have the beach and Pacific Ocean 3 miles to the West and the action of Downtown 3 miles to the East. It can get hilly at times, but there’s always a view from the top and I think it’s the hills that make San Francisco so unique.

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