Lexie Ierace

What made you choose architecture?

My college experience started in fine arts.  Upon getting more involved in public art studies, I was introduced to the notion of how space can affect it’s user without the user ever being conscious of how it is actively changing their perception; that while art is sought after, architecture is everywhere. Pursuing architecture was an opportunity to explore design at its most utilitarian and affecting form.

Favorite travel experience?

While studying urbanism in China, I did a lot of wondering through cities. One day in Shanghai I stumbled on a small park. An old man was writing verses on the ground with a calligraphy brush and water, by the time he got to the end of each verse, the beginning of the phrase had already evaporated from the warm cobble stones.

What is great architecture?

For me architecture is largely defined by a series of moments strung together by context, style and use. What makes it great is how each of those moments although sculpted by common purpose and design, allow for a unique, personal experience for each user to create sensorial, full bodied memories.

Who is my hero?

My grandpa. My grandfather had endless optimism, not only in life but in every endeavor. Every challenge had a unique and creative answer that, with enough working, could provide a good solution for everyone involved.

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