SJSU School of Art and Design
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SJSU School of Art and Design

November 25, 2014
Design competition for a new museum for the San Jose State School of Art and Design. Our concept is based upon a sealed gallery space that can be converted into various stages of openness through a rotating wall panel system. The series of rotating panels transform the interior/exterior and the images are displayed through their movement. A circulation zone around the building perimeter creates an environmental transition space between the exterior glazed envelope and the interior gallery space. The circulation and display areas can be manipulated in countless arrangements, always linking the exterior building façade expression with patterns of use particular to the exhibit within. At its extremes, the building can transform from a completely solid box into a completely clear view through. The ground floor organization focuses around the lecture hall, the most public and active function. The museum’s gallery spaces are on the second and third floors and the fourth floor is used for museum administration space and includes designated spaces for visiting artists. Landscape courtyards are created to foster alternative art performances and provide an integrated indoor/outdoor assembly area for openings, fundraising, and nighttime events in a secure setting. The building is both an image for the campus as a whole and a conceptual diagram for the endless paths of inquiry that a museum may hold for the observer.

Location / year

Santa Hose, CA / 1999


Pfau Long Architecture

Project Type


Principals in Charge

Peter Pfau, FAIA, LEED AP

Project Scope


Square Footage

35,000 GSF

Photographic Credits

Pfau Long Architecture

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