We did a survey of our favorite chairs. It was hard for everyone to pick just one, but here is where we landed….for now. Stay tuned for future posts on some of our other design obsessions

1. Shannon - Vintage Theater Chair, Tower Theater in Salt Lake City

“A theater chair from Tower, an old art house theater in Salt Lake City. In lovely condition and perfect for watching movies while propping my feet up on the coffee table. Still has original gum stuck to the bottom! Also, my daughter hates it.”

2. PLA - ‘92 Chaise by Holt Hinshaw Pfau Jones, MOMA collection

“Not to forget our slightly crazed mecho-fetishistic roots...”

3. Frida - Alcapulco Chair

“I like its simple design, elegant with a bit of humor.

It makes me want to sit on a terrace in a garden with a cold drink.”

4. Kami - George’s chair

“...it was my grandfather's. The chair is worn with great memories of him telling stories while one of the grandkids would sit in this chair listening to him in his office. My grandfather’s name is George”

5. Lexie - modified Alcapulco chair in Mexico City

“What I enjoy about this particular version of the Acapulco chair is its cabana overhang, it moves the visual focus upwards to the user’s face and seems to radiate their happiness while providing beautifully dappled shade. In other words, it pulls your focus from where you put your butt to where you put your head.”

6. Evan - PK24 Chaise Lounge by Paol Kjaerhom

“Simple, elegant, and light. Clean lines, rich texture.”

7. Bryan - Branca Chair for Mattiazzi

“I like it because it’s familiar – it almost seems like something more traditional, like an old café chair – but upon closer examination is revealed to be contemporary both in how it’s fabricated and in the way the seat seems to float on the legs/structure. “

8. Melanie - TERRA! by Studio Nucleo

“I can’t pick one favorite (there are so many!), so I offer up this current obsession - your own private berm to lounge on!”

9. Helen - Enzi by PPAG Architects

“I came across these delightful green benches in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier almost a decade ago. They’ve undergone many iterations since that time. I love how these iconic benches create infinite opportunities for a social interaction and private retreat alike, making this plaza the ideal urban retreat.”

10. Ellie - Frosta Stool from IKEA

“I like this Aalto knock-off from Ikea – simple + quietly utilitarian.”

11. Jacquie - favorite chair from home

“... it imbues a sturdiness and strength, while warming the room with its wood color and patina. It has unique and eclectic style, yet it is low profile. It is a chair to think in, as it does not distract from the act of sitting. Need I say more?”

12. Matt - LCW Molded Plywood Lounge Chair by Eames

“I like it because it is so comfortable. This is a lounge chair made of plywood. No upholstery and cushioning needed, none wanted.”

13. Su - Poang Chair from IKEA

“The Ikea Poang children’s armchair. We bought it for Justin’s nephew as a Christmas present one year when he was two or three and it’s the cutest thing, but it ended up being his timeout chair. Ha!”

14. Meaghan - About a Chair AAC 22 by Hay

“I love that it feels like a modern interpretation of an Eames Molded Plastic Chair. Plus it’s soooooo comfortable, it hugs you in all the right spots.”

15. Ariane - Swing Chair by Iwona Kosicka

“The question isn’t if I will have a swing in my living room, it’s when. And this one is a definite contender. It reimagines the school-yard swing set with brilliant simplicity—a meticulous transformation that retains a sense of whimsy. Next up, two words: teeter totter.”

16. Meagan - Woolweave by Utopia and Utility

“Growing up, I spent many summers at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO, often staying at one of the rock cabins at my Great Aunt Annie and Uncle Bufford’s Pelican Point Resort, (very loose use of the word “resort”). There was always a colorful woven hammock strung between two pines trees where I would nap and read or attempt to try to hide from my many aunts/uncles/cousins/brothers by closing myself inside with clothes pins, as if that made me invisible. That hammock is likely long gone by now, but I still love a good hanging retreat.“

17. Dwight - Paimio Armchair, Alvar Aalto, 1931

“I have always loved the beautiful unification of sculptural form and technical assembly of this chair. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to sit in one someday.”

18. Mansi - Moodha Cane Stool

“... super versatile, outdoor and surprisingly comfortable.

They’re a staple in most Indian homes…"

19. Kristy - Tamiami Adjustable Chaise for Brown Jordan

“My love for this chair is purely sentimental as I remember sitting with my grandparents on their deck overlooking the Bay. I was lucky enough to get the entire patio set when they moved out of their house; now I enjoy relaxing and reading in my backyard on the chaise (and so does my dog.) It’s a classic.

20. Peter - Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

“Love to read and nap in this chair, my dog feels the same way”