Bryan Harry

Both your parents are architects? Usually the kids of architects decide to do something else

Yeah, when I picked architecture, they said,”Where did we go wrong? Are you sure? We would have thought by now you would have realized this is a terrible idea.” But they didn’t try to stop me.

So why did you decide to go into architecture?

In high school, there was a brief time when I thought,“Maybe I’ll do aerospace engineering.” I also drew a lot in high school, so I considered going into animation. Then it seemed like animation would be even more difficult than architecture to make a living. I figured architecture was the perfect combination of art and design.

What other architects have inspired you?

Tom Kundig, because of the way he uses materials to create a stripped-down, industrial feel and the way he makes buildings that open up to the landscape. I always liked Morphosis’s older projects, because the buildings fit into their urban context so well.

What interests do you have outside the office?

I’ve been creating a lot of my own furniture. About a year ago, I made myself a custom coffee table. I wanted one that would always have a clean surface. It has two layers, so I can put all the junk underneath, and a large grommet so I can pull cables through to my laptop. I also made a stand for my 40-gallon fish tank, because most commercial fish tank stands are ugly. I had to make sure it was going to hold all that weight which meant remembering everything I could from my structural engineering classes in school.


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