Richard Cristobal, LEED Green Associate

Where did you go to school?

Southern California Institute of Architecture

What made you want to choose architecture as a career?

When it was time for me to start thinking about my career, I thought about what I enjoyed doing, what I was good at, and what difference I wanted to make in the world. So I thought back to my childhood and the summer I built an entire town out of recycled cardboard, paper tubes, and tape.  I knew I had a passion for drawing and making things so I decided to pursue it.  High school art/drafting classes confirmed my intuition that a career in architecture would give me a good chance to positively influence the lives of others.

What’s your favorite work of architecture in the world?

The day I visited the Pantheon was an absolute surprise.  I had seen it in architecture history books and online images, studied the plan and details, and yet I was still in complete awe.  As simple and classic as it is, I was surprised by the inspiring effects of light and space.

What was your favorite travel experience?

The semester I studied abroad in Europe was a pivotal time in my career.  I was exposed to so much history, culture, and architecture.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?

A Chef.  I love the endless creativity in the culinary arts and the moments created from a good meal.

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